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Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXXVI

Amazing! Since the new updates are posted concerning the Especial Dossier: DEATH, I have been receiving some very interesting contributions.To respect and to keep the contributors confidentiality I will preserve their names and their comments, just sharing with you the sent pictures.

I’m closing this dossier sharing with you this cover of UBI SUNT a History magazine made by AA from Cadiz (he is also a painter). From now, I’m starting to work and preparing the new Special Dossier: RUBBER BOOTS

All contributions about the new subject are welcome

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXXV

Special Dossier: DEATH - Adding some Information XV

The SA's Death: Look at the beauties going to the Heaven. Anyway, I like this poster doesn’t matter what its represent.

By the way, Heaven isn’t it a very known “gay” venue in London? I always thought that all this Nazi men were a little bit queer...

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXXIV

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXXIII

I was talking about my blog and this special dossier about DEATH with a friend, when suddenly he reminded me about Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Definitely a necessary reference:

Thanks to AR from Lisbon

A little bit to know about Sam Raimi and his trilogy:
Highly inventive US film director/producer/writer/actor Sam Raimi first came to the attention of film fans with the savage, yet darkly humorous, low-budget horror film THE EVIL DEAD (1981).

He directed, produced and edited a short horror movie titled Within the Woods (1978), which was then shown to prospective investors to raise the money necessary to film THE EVIL DEAD. It met with lukewarm interest in the US with local distributors, so Raimi took the film to Europe, where it was much more warmly received. After it started gaining positive reviews and, more importantly, ticket sales upon its release in Europe, US distributors showed renewed interest, and "Evil Dead" was eventually released stateside to strong box office returns. However, he bounced back with THE EVIL DEAD II (1987), a racier and more humorous remake/sequel to the original "Dead" that did even better at the box office.

The third chapter in the Evil Dead story beckoned, and Raimi once again directed buddy Campbell as the gritty hero "Ash", in the Gothic horror ARMY OF DARKNESS (1993) aka THE EVIL DEAD III.

Just one more personal comment: Raimi is a fucking hot guy!

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXXII

Special Dossier: DEATH - Adding some Information XIV

Also a deadly army. But hot as hell!!!

Special Dossier: DEATH - Adding some Information XIII

Some dead Nazis

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXXI

Special Dossier: DEATH - Adding some Information XII

Another important and unforgettable reference:Yukio Mishima

Suicide: by disembowelment and decapitation (a ritual called seppuku or hara-kiri) as a protest of the Westernization of Japan. He killed himself in front of an assembly (which he himself called) of all of his students that he was teaching at a university at that time.

Special Dossier: DEATH - Adding some Information XI

Another important music reference. I’ve forgot to post before. Anyway, Philip Glass is one of my favourite composers and Mishima is just brilliant.

See more at:

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXX

A Poe’s Memento Mori I didn’t know that he has one.

About Poe’s Death: Poe travelled by steamer to Baltimore and arrived there on September 29th. Exactly what happened to him in that city cannot now be ascertained. An election was in progress, and the preponderance of evidence points to the fact that he began to drink and fell into the hands of a gang of repeaters who probably gave him drugged liquor and voted him.
On October third he was found by Dr. James E. Snodgrass, an old friend, in a, horrible condition at a low tavern in Lombard Street. Summoning a relative of Poe, Dr. Snodgrass had the now unconscious and dying poet taken in a carriage to the Washington Hospital and put into the care of Dr. J. J. Moran, the resident physician.
Several days of delirium ensued with only a few intervals of partial consciousness. He called repeatedly for one "Reynolds," and gave vent to every indication of utter despair. Finally on Sunday morning, October 7, 1849, “He became quiet and seemed to rest for a short time. Then, gently, moving his head, he said, 'Lord help my poor soul.” As he had lived so he died--in great misery and tragedy.
Poe is buried in the Old Western Burial Ground in Baltimore, Maryland. Every January 19, Poe's birthday, for more than fifty years a man dressed in black and fedora has left cognac accompanied by three red roses on Poe's grave.

Referent to the following post:

From a Poe’s fan from Baltimore USA, Thanks a lot to her.

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXIX

Changing emails with my friend EM from London and talking about my blog that I’ve got knowledge that she is also in this issue; it was an unexpected surprise for me.

She has decided to send me her contribution as well and another surprise was waiting for me: some pictures come from The Brompton Cemetery. It is amazing because I know this cemetery quite well. In fact I never visited it but I stayed just in front, a little bit scared; waiting for a cab, after leaving Brompton’s or The Coleherne (my favourite cruising place in London, in the 80’s)… Small world!

She makes me notice that all photos are copyrighted Derek Adams & Dolly Whilems, 2004.

The Brompton Cemetery is
run by The Royal Parks and their webpage is at

Robert Coombes’ grave (1808-1860) - without head

Gilbert Laye (1866-1926) - Tragedy mask, detail

Sub Lieutenant Reginald Alexander John Warneford, VC RN (1891-1915) - monument detail shows his plane

Referent to the following post:

Thanks to EM from London

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXVIII

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXVII

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXVI

Feet (All Photos copyright Derek Adams & Dolly Whilems, 2004)

I must confess that I do prefer Male Feet. Doesn’t matter, the pictures are beautiful and deserve be posted with ceremony.

Referent to the following post:

Thanks to EM from London

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXV

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXIV

Another film sequence

Thanks to Stephan from Germany

Special Dossier: DEATH - Adding some Information X

After getting the sequence above, TUAREG (1984) by my favourite B Movie director, Enzo Castellari, comes to my mind. Another reference.
Bad, bad, bad… Nothing to do. That is what I like!

Thanks to Stephan from Germany

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXIII

The Best Doctor

Alfred Kubin, the " priest of the Hells ", the " Austrian Goya ", had a tortured and conflictual soul. He suffered much while creating, and the theme of Death takes a significant place in his works. One of his first drawings represents Death, "the best doctor ", over the bed of a dying man. The feminine silhouette of Death, dressed in black with a medal around her neck, is frightful, just like the dying one's, a too long body clad in white. We have here one of the rare representations of Death as a woman.

Thanks to RT from Switzerland

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXII

I must admit that I was a little chocked with the images above. As I told you before my fascination by DEATH, isn’t with the real one but with what I call the Plastic Death (or fake Death).
I’ve got this contribution from JBF from Miami and following the goal of this blog I’ve decided to post them considering the quality of the pictures as well as this important face of the Death.

Autopsy Photos of Lisa McPherson
On December 5, 1995, Lisa McPherson was dead on arrival at a hospital 45 minutes north of Clearwater Florida. According to the autopsy report, Lisa was underweight, severely dehydrated, and had bruises and bug bites.

Thanks to JBF from Miami - USA

Special Dossier: DEATH - Adding some Information IX

The Legend of the Grateful Dead

This fresco located in Baar, Switzerland, was painted on an ossuary wall in the first half of the 16th century. In 1740, it was restored and heavily modified. Still, the Legend of the grateful and helpful dead of Baar is one of the best examples of a very rare macabre genre. In the Baar picture, a man is chased by a band of thieves. Sheltering in a cemetery, he kneels down and prays for help. Grateful for the prayers this man piously says so that their souls rest in peace, the dead arise and walk out of their graves to protect him, some with scythes, others with sticks. This tale belongs exclusively to the Germanic culture; It was widespread in Switzerland, and to a lesser extent in Germany.
The Legend of the grateful and helpful dead taught people a lesson quite different from the other macabre genres. The Legend of the three living and the three dead, the dance of death and the triumph of death show that all men must die; here, the grateful dead remind us to pray in memory of the ones we loved. Instead of being a menace, the fleshless corpses lend a hand to the people crying out in fear.

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Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LXI

Another anonymous sender, this time from Belgium. Any reference just the picture and its title (powextermination)

Thanks anyway!

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LX

A mate from Vermont USA has sent to me this amazing still from HOUSE OF WAX
Check my postings at:

Thanks mate!

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LIX

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LVIII

Te mando dos stills de una película bélica, no hay ningún soldado caído pero están muy bien a mi entender. A ver si te gustan y a ver si encuentro en este film algunas escenas más convenientes. (Evasión en Atenea)

Querido AA (Evasión en Atenea) es uno de mis referencias, tu puedes encontrar otros stills y algo más sobre esta pelí en...

Gracias a AA de Cádiz – España

Special Dossier: DEATH - Contributions LVII

Ametrallado en Goma

Gracias a AA de Cádiz – España